The Dutch Shop - Redesign

This was my project to redesign the webshop. To complete it we had to go through the whole design phase. We started with research and analyzing the persona and ended on wireframes and final design.

User research

At the beginning of our process we analyzed the persona to learn about our target audience. This was probably the most important step in our design process as we could emphasize with our target group. After analyzing the persona we did the expert review using 10 design principles.


After research I was time to analyze gathered data and create insights. After I had insights about target group and problems on the current page I decided to use MoSCoW method. This useful tool, where UX designer thinks what interface Must, Should, Could and Would have allowed me to think about basic and advanced functionalities of redesigned website.


After we understood our target audience and what they actually need we were ready to start sketching. I started with sketching on paper as I believe it is the fastest way to show my ideas and also the easiest to make some changes. I created 5 wireframes for each page. I didn't want to show every detail on my wireframes, but at the same time I wanted to clearly show the flow and at least must-have functionalities.


Checkout process is very part of User Experience in today's e-commerce. To make my checkout the best as I can I decided to create a flowchart of it before I started designing.


As every good UX designer I started with good style tile. I believe that comparing to U.S design, Dutch style is more clean and subtle. That's why I decided to use soft colors, which match Dutch culture.


The reesult is five pages: home, overview, product detailed, cart, thank you page and payment.

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