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//Don’t Leave for Tomorrow What You Can Do Today
Polished design in modern style
UserExperienceDesign student

At this moment I am during my first year of studies in the Netherlands. I am learning very new and future-oriented field of IT & Design. Although, it covers many areas of science like psychology, I am the most interested in: Interaction Design, User Research and Print Design.
I believe that to design beautiful things we need to live in a way which keeps us creative. That's why I'm always up to try new stuff. I surf, ski, kite surf, play ukulele... and the list goes on.

My name is Michał


I am UX designer
I come from Szczecin in Poland
Currently studying at The Hague University
And most important I do Surf and live a good life

Recent projects

The Dutch Shop - redesign




Currently I am working as a graphic designer for Polish toy's company, hence I have very good skills in working with Adobe Creative Cloud apps. Especially in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, however I have been using and know how to use , such apps like Premiere Pro and now I am quite confident with Adobe XD.

In university I was able to learn such languages like: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and become familiar with some of libraries like: TweenMax.

After a lot of training I have made huge progress in using a powerful tool called: Webflow.

Listed above are only small source of my knowledge. As a hobby I am learning about Adobe Apps and coding languages by my own, everyday.

Nevertheless, I am still beginner, but I am motivated to work for bigger and bigger companies.
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